Budgie Purring (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)

We’re used to cats purring at us but cats aren’t the only animal that purr, your birds, budgies included, will go around purring at you as well

This article is a quick look into reasons why your budgie is purring

Budgie purring:

These birds don’t only chirp at us and at each other, budgies are known to make a variety of noises such as grinding, cooing, screaming, and even purring. There are two reasons why this happens:

The bird likes you:

Budgies aren’t always quick to like humans, we are large and intimidating to these birds so they will keep their guard up when around us.

But, once the bird starts to like you, it will start purring when you are around to indicate that it is comfortable with you and to show that it is happy to see you.

This will hopefully be a welcome change from the fearful nature that the bird likely expressed when it first got to you.

What to do:

You don’t have to do anything else if the bird likes you, just be happy that you’ve created an environment where the bird feels comfortable enough to show that it likes you.

The bird wants to play:

Another reason why your bird may purr at you is that the bird wants to play with you, these birds are very social animals with each other and with humans.

The birds don’t do well if left alone and they need time to play with you on a daily basis.

What to do:

It is recommended that you give your bird 1 hour of undivided attention per day, this doesn’t have to be an hour straight of attention, the hour can be split into different sessions, and the full length of the sessions should reach an hour.

You can play with the bird when it starts to purr at you, the bird will start to get tired after playing and you can move on to doing your everyday activities once this happens.

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Budgie Purring (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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