Why Is My Bird Flapping Its Wings And Screaming (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)

Some bird behaviors can be quite odd, and other bird behaviors can be downright scary, like a bird flapping its wings and screaming.

This article is a look into why your bird may be flapping its wings and screaming.

Why is my bird flapping its wings and screaming?

Birds express themselves using various movements and by creating sounds, some of these sounds include screaming.

Here are reasons why this may be happening to your bird:

Attention seeking:

If a bird is trying to get your attention then it will flap its wings, if it is really trying to get your attention then it will flap its wings and scream.

The wing flapping and screaming is the bird’s way of notifying you that it is not happy with something, this may be that the bird is hungry or thirsty and the bird is just trying to make you aware of this.

A screaming bird who is flapping its wings may also be injured or sick and, if it trusts you, it may be trying to communicate this to you

What to do:

Figuring out what is the matter with your bird is crucial, check the bird’s food and water bowl to make sure that the bird has enough food and water, also examine the bird to see if it is sick or injured.

If the bird is sick or injured then taking the bird to the vet is the recommended course of action, the vet will be able to quickly and easily diagnose the bird and recommend treatment.

Feeling threatened:

A threatened bird will also flap its wings frantically and scream.

This frantic flapping and screaming is a distress call and is a way to try to ward off predators. Bird predators can be other birds, predator birds, it can be humans that they don’t know or it could be animals, both wild or domesticated animals.

The birds will make this show as a way to try to intimidate the predator and get it to leave it alone.

If the bird thinks that this will help then it will lunge, bite, and or hiss at the predator as a way of getting rid of it.

If the predator is another bird then the bird will bite the feet of the other bird as a way of asserting dominance over the predator bird.

What to do:

Finding and eliminating the thing that is causing stress on your bird is the way to go.

Take note of when your bird starts to scream and flap its wings and then remove whatever animal or person that your bird is screaming and flapping at. Keep this bird or animal out of sight and watch the bird to see if it relaxes.

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Why Is My Bird Flapping Its Wings And Screaming (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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