Do crows have a crop?

Bird anatomy is different from human anatomy, in fact, different birds have different anatomy too. All birds have wings but some are larger than others, they have varying sized beaks, they have varying sized feathers and their insides are different too. One well-known part of bird anatomy is the crop, the crop is where food […]

Is sour crop contagious?

Raising birds isn’t easy, these animals all have their own personalities and keeping track of a flock can be a full-time job. Birds are social animals, they like doing things in groups. These feathered animals are usually seen roosting in large flocks and flying around together. Because of their social tendencies they share more than just […]

Why do baby birds chirp?

Baby birds go through a number of developmental stages before they grow into fully grown adults. After the hatching stage, these birds learn how to chirp, eat, drink, look for their own food and fly. This all happens over a period of weeks and months. If your baby bird is chirping you may be asking […]

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