Why Is My New Budgie Always Sleeping? (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)

The job of a budgie owner is to take care of these wonderful creatures and be in tune with any slight changes in your bird.

One change in your bird is that the bird is always tired, this tiredness can happen with new budgies too.

This article looks into why this happens.

Why is my new budgie always sleeping?

You as a budgie owner will quickly notice when your bird is being off. This is true whether the bird is new or old.

If your new budgie is always tired then something may be wrong with your new bird.

Here is why your new budgie may be tired all the time:

The bird is sick:

One of the main signs of sickness in your budgie is the bird sleeping all the time.

The change in environment or food may have caused the bird to become sick.

While your little bird may try with all its might to hide signs of its illness, the bird being tired is a clear sign that the bird is sick.

Your sick bird may try to sleep more than normal and may just go back to sleep when awake and not want to play.

Your budgie will hide signs of being sick for as long as possible.

Birds do this because in the wild any sign of illness would make them a target for predators.

For this reason, your new budgie, who doesn’t know you all too well, will hide signs of being sick.

However, by the time your bird acts tired and is always keeping, it is too ill to pretend that it is fine and needs urgent medical care.

What to do:

Unfortunately, there are many illnesses that your budgie may be sick with.

You can try to diagnose and treat the bird yourself, or, you could take the bird to the vet to be examined and treated.

The recommended course of action would be to take the bird to the vet.

Taking the bird to the vet is recommended because diagnosing the bird may require a blood panel or fecal exam which a vet would need to perform.

While some illnesses can be diagnosed and treated at home, some cannot, and if you aren’t willing to risk losing your bird then taking it to the vet is recommended.


Another reason why your new budgie may be sleeping a lot may be that the bird is malnourished.

These birds will either be very sleepy or very tired and inactive. Birds in this condition are called perch potatoes.

Other signs of malnutrition in your birds include full feathers, dry flakey skin, no stools, diarrhea, broken feathers, frayed feathers, and feather picking.

Malnutrition can be very serious as your bird may die if not treated for this condition.

What to do:

This is another scenario where a visit to the vet is recommended.

A blood test (CBC/Blood Panel) will reveal what the bird is deficient in.

Once your vet has diagnosed the bird they will suggest either foods or supplements to add to the bird’s diet which will help get the bird back to normal.

If you choose to give your budgie capsule supplements then the capsules would need to be opened and the contents would need to be poured over the bird’s food.

If you choose to give your budgie tablet supplements then the tablets would need to be crushed and poured over the bird’s food.

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Why Is My New Budgie Always Sleeping? (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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