Conure Biting Other Birds Feet (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)

One of the main things that bird owners often complain about is a bird biting them, or biting other birds, like a conure biting another bird’s feet.

This article looks into why your conure is biting another bird’s feet.

Conure biting other bird’s feet:

Conures have quite strong beaks so bites from them aren’t exactly delicate.

This is true whether the bird bites a human or whether the bird bites another bird.

Here is why this may be happening with your bird:

Dominance over territory:

Conures in domesticated settings don’t have the freedoms that conures in the wild have.

Conures in the wild have more room to fly and live in and can communicate with their flock members if something is wrong.

Conures in your home live in unnatural environments and this makes them act unnaturally by biting each other’s feet.

This biting is used to resolve the issue of a lack of space in the cage.

These birds are territorial just as any other species of bird are, so they may act aggressively when trying to protect their space.

If you have two conures in a cage, and the bird’s cage is too small for the both of them, then one conure may bite another bird’s feet.

This biting is a show of dominance over a preferable position in the cage or it may simply be a show of dominance overall.

What to do:

You can address the small cage issue by either giving the pair a bigger cage, or, you could give each bird its own cage so it has its own home.

You can keep these cages close to each other as a way of giving each bird some company, but the birds don’t need to be in one cage.

Fighting over food:

Your conures may fight for food the same way that your conures fight for space in the cage.

These birds will act aggressively over resources like food if they feel that there isn’t enough food to eat.

The stronger and more aggressive bird may pick on the other bird to show its dominance over the food.

An example of showing dominance over food is by picking at the other bird’s feet.

What to do:

You may be giving your conures the right amount of food, but, if the birds don’t feel that this food is enough then the pecking will happen.

Combat this by adding more food into the bird’s food bowl as well as giving the birds more feeders so they can both feed at the same time.

The birds are being playful:

Your conure may bite another bird’s feet as a show of dominance, but, it may also bite another bird’s feet because it is being playful.

These bites usually happen between birds who have known each other for a while.

The bird bites will not be hard, the biting bird will simply nibble the other bird’s feet and won’t cause damage.

There is no real purpose to this biting, the birds are simply having fun with each other.

What to do:

You don’t have to do anything in this case, there is no bad blood between the birds, just good old-fashioned fun.

Just keep an eye on your conures as this playing can get a little rough.

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Conure Biting Other Birds Feet (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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