How To Discipline A Tortoise (4 Ways To Do This)

Discipline is important to humans and it’s good that we have it, but what about with tootsies? Do tortoises need discipline? And how would you go about disciplining your tortoise?

This article looks into all of this 

How to discipline a tortoise:

Tortoises aren’t like other animals who you can say no and stop certain behaviors, dogs and cats may understand being said no to but tortoises may not 

Here is what you need to know about disciplining a tortoise:

Move the animal elsewhere:

Sometimes moving your trousers to somewhere else will get them to reliable that what it is doing is wrong.

For example, if your your tortoise is biting you or is biting another person or animal then you can get the reptile to stop doing this by calmly moving the animal elsewhere.

Move your hand away from your pet and put your pet in its enclosure and away from you.

Solve its needs:

You can also get your pet to do something else other than bite you by giving it food or a cuttlebone to chew on instead.

The biting in your pet may be happening because it is hungry and biting is its way of getting your attention or feeding. 

Giving your pet a consistent feeding routine should also help to keep the biting to a minimum. Applying a bitter substance to your hands or feet, or to wherever your pet is biting should help to get the animal to stop biting that area. 

If your pet is scratching the walls or digging holes then this may mean that the animal wants to get out of its enclosure because it is either bored of its enclosure or because the enclosure is too small for it.

Allowing your pet to get some time out of the enclosure as well as getting a bigger enclosure for your pet should help in this scenario. 

Avoid punishment:

Your pet tortoise does not understand punishment and will start to fear you if you do decide to punish it. Any type of yelling or hitting your pet may make it fear you and cause it stress. 

So, it’s better to give your pet positive reinforcement when it does things rather than solve the issue using negative reinforcement. 

Giving your tortoise positive reinforcement looks like giving it treats or praise when it does something right or when it stops doing something wrong. 

How to avoid bad behaviors:

If you understand why your tootsies do things than you can avoid the animal acting badly by making sure all its needs are met.

Tortoises only do things when they feel they have to, so they may act badly when they feel they have to.

Combat this by making sure your toriuses environment is up to par ie make sure that their basic n edd like humidity, diet, shelter, and temperature is up to standard.

Always remember that the animal doesn’t understand that doing some things are wrong per se, they are just doing what they think they should be doing

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How To Discipline A Tortoise (4 Ways To Do This)
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