Tortoise Making Croaking Noise (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)

Not only are tortoises known as slow animals, they are also known as quiet animals, no one expects tortoises to rumble around speeding through the wild and no one expects them to make sounds like other animals in the wild do

However, tortoises do make noises, they make croaking noises. This article looks into why your tortoise makes croaking noises.

Tortoise making croaking noise:

If you keep tortoises for a while you’ll realize that the animals actually make a variety of sounds including whistling, clicking, and croaking 

Here is why you may be berating croaking noises from your pet tortoise:


Mating season changes how animals act and the sounds that they make, this is also true for tortoises.   

The croaking sounds are made by the male tortoises and are a sign to the females that they are ready to mate, these sounds are meant to attract the females.

It is also made by the adult males dying during the mating season to show where their territory is 

Different species of tortoises will croak slightly differently but what you’ll usually hear is a deep guttural sound coming from these animals. 

The female tortoises on the other hand will croak only during courtship. Her croaks won’t sound like his, they will rather be higher pitches and softer than the male croaks.

What to do:

This is normal behavior for these animals and isn’t something that you’d need to worry about, as long as the animals aren’t showing signs of being in distress along with the croaking then the animals will be fine.

Stress or feeling threatened: 

Another reason why your tortoise may be croaking may be because the animal is stressed or feels treated. 

Tortoises like consistency, so, a change in environment, a loud noise, or being handled can cause these animals to become stressed. 

The animals may feel treated by a predator in the area. If the animals feel treated they may also hide in their shells for safety. These croaks will also be a warning signal to the predator in an effort to get it to back off.

What to do:

 Getting rid of the threat and calming your pet tortoise will get it to stop croaking. You can calm the animal down by gently approaching it and putting it in its enclosure, covering the enclosure, so the tortoise doesn’t see the threat and is in the dark, will also help

Make sure you place the enclosure in a quiet environment if it is stressed, this will help to calm it do.

Make sure that the enclosure is large and has a variety of spaces where the turtle can hide and feel safe

What will also help is not making any sudden movements with your tortoise especially if it is new to you and is just getting used to you 

If you notice that your pet still seems to be in distress even after you’ve taken the steps to calm it down then you may need to take your pet to the vet for an assessment and possible treatment.

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Tortoise Making Croaking Noise (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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