Tortoise Throwing Up White Foam (1 Dangerous Reason Why + What To Do)

Any sort of throw-up coming from your tortoise is highly irregular and will raise your eyebrows as the tortoise that is throwing up foam will definitely worry any tortoise raiser 

This article looks into why your tortoise is throwing up white foam. 

Tortoise throwing up white foam:

If your tortoise is throwing up white foam then this means that they are suffocating.

The foam at their mouth is them pushing air through their saliva and the result is a roam that looks white or close to white

The animal may have trouble breathing if it is stuck upside down, this could scare the animal and cause it to breathe erratically causing the foaming at the mouth.

However, the breathing issues can also happen when the animal is upright if it has an issue with its internal organs.

What to do:

Taking your pet to the vet, and doing this as soon as you can, is the solution in this case, this is a medical emergency to take your pet to the vet as soon as you see this foaming at the mouth.

You should still need to take your tortoise to the vet even if your pet stops foaming at the mouth and does not seem to be doing fine now.

Your vet will be able to check for any underlying health issues that your pet may be suffering from and that may have caused the foaming at the mouth.


If you find that there is a white material in your pet’s enclosure, and this material is more of a chalky consistency than a white foam-like consistency then what you’re seeing may be urates coming from the tortoise. 

This material will not come out of the animal’s mouth, it is rather a waste product made by the tortoise, these animals don’t create urine like humans do, they rather excrete urates which are made up of minerals, excess uric acid, and other bodily base products. 

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Tortoise Throwing Up White Foam (1 Dangerous Reason Why + What To Do)
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