Turtle Vomiting White (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)

The health and safety of your turtle is your biggest concern when it comes to your pet and this is understandable.

So, if your pet starts to do things that are out of the ordinary, if your tortoise starts vomiting white, then you’d understandably start to worry 

This article looks into why your pet may be doing this 

Turtle vomiting white:

Vomiting not only looks dangerous in tortoises, but it can also be very dangerous. Vomiting can take away nutrients from your pet’s body and if not addressed can lead to dehydration in your pet 

To know how to fix it you would need to know how to:

Internal parasites:

Vomiting once and then going about the day as normal sometimes happens in turtles. If your pet vomits and continues to vomit then your pet likely needs urgent medical attention.

One reason why your tortoise may be vomiting white may be that the animal has internal parasites, vomiting is one sign of internal parasites in your pet

What to do:

Taking your pet to the vet, or better yet to a Herp vet, is the recommended solution in this case.

The vet will run tests on your pet to determine what infected your pet, once diagnosed, the vet can treat the reptile for its infection. 

There are a few things you can do for your pet if you can’t immediately get it to the vet. Start off by isolating the animal, and place your pet in a quiet and warm environment. 

Doing this will keep the animal calm and it will keep your other pets from becoming infected by the tortoise.

In addition, keep a close eye on your pet taking note of any other odd behavior in the animal. This information will be helpful to your vet. 

Changing the substrate so your pet doesn’t get sick through the parasite eggs in the substrate, when the turtle gets back from the vet, is also advised. 

Gastrointestinal issues:

If your pet tortoise has issues with a part of its gastrointestinal tract, if a part of its gastrointestinal tract, and its surrounding organs, is inflamed then the animal may start to produce white vomit.

What to do:

This isn’t something that can be treated at home, the wrong treatment can stress or exacerbate the issue which can be disastrous for the animal.

So, the best way to navigate this scenario is to take your pet to the vet, or better yet, take your pet to a Herp vet. 

In this case, just as in the last, it is recommended that you isolate the animal and keep an eye on its behavior and other symptoms that may come up. 

When it’s not vomit:

If you find a chalky white substance in your pet’s enclosure then this may not be vomit at all, this may be urates. Turtles release urates not urine like humans and other animals do.

These urates come out as a chalky white substance and the animal releasing these is perfectly normal 

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Turtle Vomiting White (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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