Baby Conure Biting Hard (3 Reasons Why + What To Do)

Your baby birds may seem like the sweetest, cutest, and tamest animals ever but these little birds can bite too.

This article looks into why your baby conure may be biting hard.

Baby conure biting hard

One main issue that bird owners have with their birds is biting, and because conures have such strong beaks their bites can be very hard.

This article looks into why your baby conure may be biting hard.


One reason why a baby conure may bite hard may be that the bird is beaking.

Beaking is similar to teething in human babies.

Teething, in human babies, is where teeth appear from the gums, this can be uncomfortable.

The baby will chew on things to get comfort and relief.

Baby conures don’t have teeth but they will bite things as a way of getting used to their beak.

The baby birds will beak by biting on things, and by sometimes biting hard on things.

What to do:

You don’t have to worry if your baby conure is beaking, this isn’t biting and isn’t a sign of bad behavior.

What you shouldn’t do is punish the little bird for the beaking.

Your bird will not understand why it is being punished and will only learn to distrust you because it remembers that you harmed it.


Another reason why your baby conure may be biting is that the bird is exploring.

Birds use their beaks the same way that humans use our hands, to grab things and to explore.

If your bird bites on things, and even bites hard on things, then this means that the young bird is simply exploring its surroundings.

What to do:

This habit is instinctual and isn’t something to worry about. Your young bird exploring its surroundings in this way is normal.

If you don’t like the baby bird biting hard on your finger, or biting hard anywhere else on your body, then simply say no when the bird bites you and remove the bird when it bites.

You should also avoid punishing the bird if it bites you in this case.

The bird is overexcited:

Another reason why your baby bird may bite may be that the bird is overexcited.

Birds not only use their beaks to communicate and explore, but they also use their beaks to play and will bite when feeling playful and overstimulated.

Your baby bird may not know its own strength and may bite hard as a result, this hard biting doesn’t necessarily mean that something is wrong.

What to do:

Telling the bird no when it bites you, and putting it away in its cage when it bites will get the bird to understand that you don’t approve of this biting behavior.

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Baby Conure Biting Hard (3 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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