Why Does My Bird Bite Me Softly? (3 Reasons Why + What To Do)

Bird beaks are quite powerful tools and birds use them only when needed.

So, if your bird bites you then the bird likely did this for good reason.

If your bird bites you, hard or softly, then you’d understandably be worried as to why the bird did this, this article looks into it.

Why does my bird bite me softly?

One of the things that bird owners worry about most is the birds biting and chomping down on them.

Biting is a conscious choice for birds, your bird will bite you softly for a reason, here are reasons why the bird will do this:

The bird is exploring:

A bird who bites you, especially a bird who bites you softly, isn’t trying to hurt you or be aggressive, the bird may simply be exploring you

This behavior will be more common in birds who are new to you.

Birds use their beaks the same way that humans use our hands

Your bird will explore its surroundings using its beak the same way that babies and dogs use their mouths to explore.

What to do:

Thankfully, in this case, your bird isn’t using its beak for violence so you don’t have to be concerned

If the bird isn’t biting too hard then you don’t have to do anything but if the bird is biting too hard then you’ll have to set boundaries for the bird.

Also, avoid giving treats to the bird as it bites, giving treats to the bird will only encourage it to bite more.

The bird is trying to get your attention:

Birds don’t have too many ways to get your attention, one way to get your attention is by chirping, and the other way that birds will get your attention is by biting you gently.

The bird may try to get your attention because it is hungry or because it wants you to play with it.

What to do:

This is normal behavior and isn’t something to worry about.

If the bird is hungry then feed it some snacks or fill up its food bowl.

If the bird wants you to play with it then spend some time and play with the bird.

It is playing with you:

Biting softly on you is one way that your bird may try to play with you.

If the bird is overstimulated, then it will play by biting you.

The bird knows not to grab too tightly when it plays with you so it will only bite gently.

What to do:

This is normal behavior and isn’t something to worry about, however, the bird can get a bit too riled up as it plays with you.

If the bird is getting too riled up then remove your hand from the bird and put it in its cage.

When removing your hand don’t pull away too quickly, rather move slowly and gently.

If you move your hand too quickly then the bird will think that it needs to bite harder and faster next time

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Why Does My Bird Bite Me Softly? (3 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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