Why Does My Bird Scream When I Play Music? (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)

Birds can be noisy little creatures and they can also be quiet little creatures as well.

Or, your bird may be a loud bird that screams when you start playing music.

This article looks into why your bird screams when you play music.

Why does my bird scream when I play music?

Screaming isn’t something that any bird raiser wants to hear when they start playing music, especially not from their bird, but, this does happen sometimes

Here is why your bird may be screaming when you play music:

The bird is frightened:

Depending on how loud or how aggressive the music is, your bird may scream because it finds the music disturbing.

Birds are very small animals, they know this and they know that they are prey animals as well.

So, they will naturally be quite skittish by nature.

Because of this, if you start playing music that scares the bird it may start screaming.

A bird that is scared may also fly around its cage erratically, destroy things, or, destroy its feathers.

In fact, any noise, regardless of where the noise comes from, may scare the bird and make it scream.

What to do:

If you think that the music is frightening your bird then try to play something more relaxed and calming.

Try something like classical music or bird sounds from YouTube.

This type of audio should relax the bird and keep it from screaming.

Your pet bird may scream in fear over some music and will enjoy and scream in excitement when it comes to other types of music


Another reason why your bird may be screaming when you play music may be that the bird is excited.

If your birds scream at different tones, along with the song, then the bird may simply be screaming along with the song.

What to do:

You could let the bird continue screaming along with the song, or, you could simply turn off the music if you don’t want to hear your bird screaming all day.

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Why Does My Bird Scream When I Play Music? (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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