Why Is My Budgie’s Tail Shivering? (4 Reasons Why + What To Do)

If you’re used to your bird displaying certain behaviors then a change in behaviour may worry you.

One example of a change in behavior is your bird’s tail shivering.

This article looks into why your budgie’s tail may be shivering.

Why is my budgie’s tail shivering?

Budgies, also called parakeets, are liked because they are cute colorful birds who add liveliness to anyone’s home.

Unfortunately, as with any pet, issues can arise within the bird.

Your budgie’s tail shivering may worry you, you may think that there is an issue with your bird. This article looks into why this happens.

The bird is happy:

One of the simplest reasons why your bird’s tail may be shivering may be that the bird is happy.

The tail shivering is a little happy dance that your bird does either when it sees you, when it sees food, or when it is happy overall.

Budgies may also do this when they are content and they are about to fall asleep.

What to do:

This behavior is usually accompanied by a pleasant active demeanor, this pleasant demeanor is a sign that all is well with your bird.

This is not something to worry about, in fact, you should be happy that your bird is doing this.

To clean itself:

Your budgie doesn’t have hands to clean itself with, but, it will still stay clean.

One of the ways that the birds will stay clean is by shivering.

If your bird is shivering its tail then it may simply be a way of removing debris out of its tail as a way of getting clean.

What to do:

You don’t have to do anything if you see this happening.

Budgies know how to effectively clean themselves in the wild and will be able to clean themselves while in your care.

This tail shaking will get the debris off of the bird’s tail soon enough.


This is one case where the tail shaking should worry you.

If your bird is not only shaking its tail but is also making loud angry chirping noises, then your bird is likely under some stress.

The tail of your stressed bird will shake furiously.

What to do:

Calming your budgie down, and getting rid of the source of its stress, will get this erratic behavior to stop.

Look out for anything, big or small, that may have stressed your bird.

Things that may have stressed your bird include loud noises, bright sudden lights, your domestic cats or dogs, or, other birds who are aggressive.

You can calm the bird down by speaking to it in a calm and quiet voice and you can give her treats to get her to feel better.

Mating behavior:

If it’s the budgie’s mating season, and your budgie shakes its tail at another budgie, then the bird that is shaking its tail is trying to show off to its possible mate.

What to do:

This is normal behavior for budgies.

Birds who do this want to reproduce which is what animals are meant to do.

Hopefully, this tail shivering works, and your bird gets to mate and reproduce.

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Why Is My Budgie’s Tail Shivering? (4 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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