Budgie Hissing Sound (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)

Budgies make a variety of different sounds, you’ll only hear some of the sounds that budgies make long into taking care of the bird. And one sound that you may be surprised a budgie makes is a hissing sound.

This article is a look into why your budgie is making a hissing sound.

Budgie hissing sound:

Hissing is not only a noise that snakes make, your budgie can hiss as well from time to time, but hissing in a budgie isn’t a positive thing. Here is why your bird may be doing this:

Feeling threatened:

Hissing in budgies is called chiding, this can be described as a loud “tssssk” sound and it means that someone or something has invaded the bird’s private space or it means that the bird is being defensive.

These birds know that they are low on the food chain so they will use hissing sounds to intimidate their opponent before they will consider fighting.

The hissing is the budgie’s way of telling the opponent to back off.

This can be done to a predator, whether that predator is a wild animal or a domesticated animal, the bird can also do this if a human that the bird doesn’t know comes around them.

What to do:

While this is normal behavior for a budgie you still likely don’t want the bird to be constantly stressed that a threat is nearby.

To keep this hissing from happening you’d need to figure out what the bird feels threatened by and then remove this threat. The bird will go back to being relaxed when the threat is out of the bird’s eyesight.

The bird is agitated:

There are a few things that can make your bird agitated this can include when you or someone else hold the bird in the incorrect way or if you or someone else holds the bird when it doesn’t want to be held. The bird will hiss when this happens

What to do:

If the bird starts to hiss then immediately putting the bird back in its cage will stop the bird hissing and get it to calm down. If you do want to hold the bird try to hold it in a different way and teach others how to properly hold the bird.

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Budgie Hissing Sound (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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