Budgie Talking Silently (3 Reasons Why + What To Do)

Budgies aren’t always the most predictable of creatures, these birds may express some behaviors that may seem quite off and bizarre to us humans, one such behavior is the bird talking silently

This article is a look into why your bird may be talking silently around you

Budgie talking silently:

Noticing odd behavior in your budgie is the first step in helping the bird. Your bird may be talking silently because of a couple of reasons:


One odd behavior that your bird does is practicing how to speak. The bird will do this if you use one word around her frequently and use the same tone and intonation when you say this word.

The bird will pick up that you are doing this and will try to mimic what you are doing.

The bird may also mimic your whistles, mimic the sounds that your other birds make and even mimic other sounds like the sound that the microwave makes.

What to do:

You don’t have to worry about your bird mimicking the words or sounds that you make, or mimicking the sounds that the bird hears around it, this is normal behavior for budgies.

As long as the bird isn’t showing any signs of distress as they mimic then the bird will be fine.


Another reason why the budgie may be opening its mouth and not talking may be because the bird is panting. A bird that opens and closes its beak rapidly is panting.

This happens to birds who are stressed, stress in birds can show up if the bird feels threatened, or if it hears loud noises, these things will scare your birds and cause them to pant.

Another reason why a bird would pant is if the bird is overheating or thirsty. If the bird is thirsty or overheating it will also move its wings away from its body.

What to do:

Check to see if the bird is frightened or if the bird is threatened. Look around for any budgie predators, budgie predators may include other birds, wild animals, even domestic animals, or people that it isn’t familiar with.

Remove these threats to get the bird to calm down.

If you think that the bird is overheating or thirsty then cooling the bird down by giving it cold water and refrigerated treats, will help.

Treats that you can give your bird include refrigerated and cut-up strawberries refrigerated blueberries, and cut-up and refrigerated cucumbers.

Neck stretching:

Budgies sometimes need to stretch their necks or adjust their crops from time to time, this may look like the bird is talking with no sound coming out but the bird may simply be trying to adjust itself.

However, if your bird is gaping then you should be concerned, the bird may do this if it has an infection or is in pain.

What to do:

This is quite normal behavior in budgies and as long as the bird isn’t showing any signs of being in distress then the bird should be fine

If you think that the bird is gaping then taking the bird to the vet is recommended

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Budgie Talking Silently (3 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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