My New Parrot Is Very Quiet (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)

All birds can be quite loud sometimes, but parrots are known to make the most noise and be the loudest.

But what if you bring a parrot home and it is the furthest thing from loud? This article looks into why your parrot is very quiet.

My new parrot is very quiet:

Parrots vocalize for a variety of reasons, to communicate to their flockmates, to communicate to humans, during the courting stage, and for a variety more reasons.

And parrots will also stay quiet for a variety of reasons.

Here is why your new parrot is very quiet:

The parrot is scared of you:

One of the main reasons why parrots will make sounds is that the birds need to communicate with their flock members.

Domesticated parrots see us humans as their flock members when they are comfortable with us, but they will see us as predators when they aren’t yet comfortable with us.

Your new bird, who is still uncomfortable with you, will not communicate and make sounds with you because it sees you as a threat and a predator.

From the point of view of your new bird, you are a big scary predator who may hurt it or put it in danger.

This bird will rather stay silent to avoid directing your attention to it.

What to do:

Your new parrot will warm up to you soon, this will take about 3-4 weeks.

You can speed this process up by bonding with the bird.

Bond with the bird by visiting it often and talking to it in a calm, nice, and sweet voice.

Avoid standing and hovering over the bird’s cage as this can be threatening to the bird.

You can however sit by your new parrot’s cage.

Giving the bird some treats during this bonding time may also help.

The bird will associate you with the happiness it feels when it eats treats.

Remember to be patient when bonding with the bird, don’t try to force your bird to like or interact with you as this can scare the bird.

It’s the parrot’s personality:

If your new parrot is a couple of weeks old, and you’ve been spending time with it and it is still on the silent side then this silence may simply be a part of your bird’s personality.

While it is true that some parrots are boisterous and loud, other birds are laid back and quiet.

These birds, just like humans, are individuals with their own personalities so not all birds will fall into the generalization that parrots are loud.

Your bird may simply be one of the parrots that are more quiet, reserved, and even silent.

What to do:

If this is your bird’s personality then there isn’t anything you can do.

Just as you can’t change a human’s personality you can’t change a parrot’s personality.

As long as the bird is still happy, acting normally, and isn’t showing any signs of being in distress then the bird will be fine.

However, if your bird’s silent disposition is sudden, and the bird also starts showing signs of being ill or in distress, then you may need to have the bird checked by your vet.

Signs of distress in your bird include self-isolation, changes in diet, changes in droppings, sleeping more, changes in breathing, and nasal or eye discharge.

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My New Parrot Is Very Quiet (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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