Parrot Making Noise While Sleeping (4 Reasons Why + What To Do)

Sleeping is important for parrots, good sleep ensures that the bird is well-rested and has enough energy for the next day.

But what if your parrot makes noise when it sleeps? Does this mean that the bird is not sleeping well? This article looks into it.

Parrot making noise while sleeping:

Humans make noises when we sleep and the reasons for this are generally well understood.

Here is why your parrot may be making noises while sleeping:

Talking in their sleep:

Parrots are known to mimic the sounds that humans make.

They mimic our sounds during the day and they also mimic our sounds at night while they are sleeping.

Parrots, just like humans, experience REM sleep. Birds dream during REM sleep and this is when they make sounds.

Birds who are happy may talk, chirp, and sing while sleeping and are usually happy

What to do:

If you hear these sounds coming from your bird don’t be alarmed, you should be happy and content that the birds are making these positive noises.

As long as the bird is happy when it wakes up then you have nothing to worry about.

They are upset:

Another reason why your parrot may make sounds while sleeping may be that the bird is upset while sleeping and is having a nightmare.

Birds who are upset while sleeping may make whimpering, screeching, moaning, snoring, or squeaking sounds.

What to do:

If your bird is upset while sleeping, and is making these noises, this may worry you but worrying isn’t necessary.

While the bird may be in distress while it’s sleeping, and while this may cause you distress, nightmares aren’t something that you’d need to worry about, they are normal.

That being said, you may need to start worrying if the bird becomes puffy during the day, starts becoming weaker, and wants to sleep more than normal.

This behavior may indicate that the bird is sick. If your bird is sick then it is best to take your parrot to the vet for a check-up

They are about to sleep:

If you hear your parrot grinding its teeth just before it sleeps then this simply means that the bird is content, relaxed, and is about to sleep

This is a self-soothing trick that helps the parrot settle down and sleep.

This beak grinding sounds similar to someone opening a packet of crisps or someone grinding their teeth.

What to do:

This is a normal action that many birds do and is not something to worry about

In fact, you should be glad your bird is making these sounds as it means that the bird is content.

Respiratory infection:

Another reason why your bird may be making noises while sleeping may be that the bird has an infection and its airways are congested

Birds who have a respiratory infection will make moaning sounds while sleeping.

The sounds may also sound like a low-pitched sneeze and may coincide with the bird’s breathing.

What to do:

If you think that your bird has a respiratory infection then taking your parrot to the vet is the recommended course of action.

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Parrot Making Noise While Sleeping (4 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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