Why Is My Turtle’s Mouth Orange? (1 Reason Why + What To Do)

Turtles are quite curious creatures, these animals are known for their slow and deliberate movements moving carefully from one spot to another, and they aren’t known for having orange mouths  

This article looks into why your turtle’s mouth is orange


Why is my turtle’s mouth orange?

While turtles can come in a variety of hues, orange in a turtles body isn’t something that is common, so, seeing this on your pet may worry you 

Here is why your turtle’s mouth may be orange:

Orange foods:

One of the simplest, most common, reasons why your pet turtle’s mouth is orange may be because the animal has been eating a lot of orange foods like carrots or bright orange-colored pellets, the result may be that the animal’s mouth turns orange 

What to do:

Test this theory out by removing the carrots, and any other orange-colored foods, from your pet’s diet and see what happens, if your pet’s mouth changes color back to normal then the food was the culprit.

If the carrots are the issue then simply feed your pet carrots in moderation, this food is high in sugar so keep a close eye on how much of the vegetable the animal eats. 

 If the animal’s mouth does not change back to normal then you’d need to take your pet to the vet for an examination and diagnosis.

If you can, take your pet to a herp specialist vet. If these types of vets are not around then take your pet to a regular vet but request that they take a conference call with a herp vet when examining and caring for the animal 

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Why Is My Turtle’s Mouth Orange? (1 Reason Why + What To Do)
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