Why Is My Turtles Nose White? (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)

In theory, regular monitoring, an excellent interior, and a good, clean, and optimized environment will do a lot to keep your pet turtle healthy and happy, but, in reality, a lot of hiccups arise when raising turtles. 

A hiccup may include the animal’s nose turning white, this article looks into why this may be happening with your pet 

Why is my turtle’s nose white?

A change in the appearance of your pet, like a white noise, will likely be quite confusing and concerning for you, 

Here is why this may be happening with your pet turtle: 

Fungal infection:

One reason why there may be a white spot on your pet’s nose may be that the animal has a fungal infection on its skin, 

Some fungal infections can cause your pet to develop discolored patches on its skin, and the discoloration may look white. The white on your pet’s skin may be the start of a fungal infection. 

The white fungal hyphae will also start to grow on other parts of the turtle such as the neck, armpit, and the area above the head 

What to do:

Carefully look at and watch the spot to see if there is a change in the appearance of the skin in the area, like if the white patch becomes bigger or fuzzy.

If the white patch on your pet’s nose is white and fuzzy then you’d need to take your pet to the vet, the vet will prescribe antifungal ointments to treat your pet’s condition  

These animals develop fungal infections because of poor water quality and an improper basking area.

These issues can be remedied by using a good filter in the animal’s tank and making sure that the UV lamp is emitting enough heat and UV rays, this will keep fungal infections at bay. 

Your vet will also recommend that you dry dock your turtles for a specific period of time 


These animals don’t have elastic skin like humans do, their bodies are covered in scales, if one of the scales on your turtle’s nose came off, because the scales were rubbing against something then what’s left will be a white patch and this may be what you’re seeing. 

What to do:

This isn’t something that you’d need to worry about as long as the area is healing on its own then your pet will be fine. 

However, if the area on the turtle’s nose starts to look red and sore, you may need to worry. Have your pet seen by a vet as soon as you can 

Dry dock your pet as an immediate treatment, dry docking means removing the animal from water except for a 30-minute bath twice a day. The animal should be kept warm and dry while it’s out of the water. 

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Why Is My Turtles Nose White? (2 Reasons Why + What To Do)
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